Home Improvement Loans- Finance for Your Home

There is no better way to finance your home repairs or maintenance than securing home improvement loans and you can easily find the lenders of these loans through a simple online search. One can use these loans to add value to his home especially if one is planning to rent or sell it so that it can fetch more in the market. You can add value by building such things as a bathroom, a deck, an outdoor kitchen or carrying out some general repairs and maintenance like repainting or replacing an aging roof.

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Secured home improvement loans

These loans are offered after the borrower pledges some security which in most cases is the home where renovations are to be done. This is referred to as home equity loan and the amount offered depends on the equity that one has around his home. The laon is given as a lump sum and the repayment period is longer. One can also opt for a home equity line of credit where you also borrow money on the equity of your home but the money is offered in a revolving fashion instead of receiving a lump sum.

Unsecured home improvement loans

One does not need to pledge security to qualify for these loans and they are normally in form of personal loans. The application process is fast and most lenders offer the service online which makes it convenient since one can do it from any place with internet connection. To apply for this loan, you just need to visit the lender’s website where you are provided with a short, simple application form to fill in your details and submit it for approval.

Some advantages of unsecured home improvement loans include:

• Fast and convenient since most lenders offer the service online
• There is no faxing or paperwork involved in the application process
• No credit check therefore people with low credit scores can also qualify
• Money is sent through wire transfer for faster access

These loans are given in small amounts and they have very high interest rates for the lender to minimize the risks of losing his money. The repayment period is also short and may can vary from fourteen to thirty days.

Mortgage refinancing using home improvement loans

This is mostly done to reduce the monthly amount paid on existing mortgages rather than adding value to the home. This is viable if the original mortgage has a higher rate than the current rate in the market and you can use the excess money to take care of some other things. It is advisable to pledge some collateral to receive some huge amounts at lower interest rates and a longer repayment period as this would mean small installment amounts.

If you are planning on increasing your home equity, home improvement loans is just the best choice and you can use the home itself to secure large amounts of cash at lower interest rates. Be extra careful with unsecured loans as these lead to very high costs of borrowing and have very stiff penalties if one fails to stick to the agreed terms & conditions.

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